Welcome to my website. I am an architect, designer, customizer, model maker and geek. I am interested in all sort of art and craft. I am self tough artist, I explored different techniques from traditional to digital painting. I also sculpt in epoxy putty and polymer clay from scratch or over ready made vinyl toys. I am interested in all subjects, from characters to architecture. I use a laser cutter for precise fabrication of my buildings and 3d printers for mechanical part of my custom made models. I am interested in customization and design.

You can find here on my blog the results of my private and commissioned projects. If you are interested in making an one of the kind object of similar kind, you can always send me a question by leaving the comment under any of my posts and I will come back to you as soon as I can. You can also contact me on facebook fanpage.


Update: I am building the list of projects for 2016, so if you are looking for custom model and want me to create it for you, now is the time to contact me. Because I am doing everything myself, there are limited spots available so please don’t wait for last moment. I don’t have a stock, all are made to order and take time to construct and ship.