Albert Einstein Munny

I planned to make this little figure of Albert Einstein for the Munny Munth contest organized bu Kidrobot just few months ago. I sculpted the face on mini munny to see how it will work. I liked it very much, but didn’t have time to repeat it on 7 inches toy, because making Rocky took longer then I expected. This was going to cover celebrity or use of real hair category 🙂 He was waiting on my desk for a while, but I decided to finish him finally. his hair is made of furry material and face is cast in resin over the original mini munny. I am planning to make more copies of grayscale Albert and a colour version some time in future.
einstein grayscale1

Munny Einsteins
I made second this time colour version of Einstein munny for Kidrobot Mega Munnyworld Contest and submitted him last Sunday. He already got some votes, but you can support this entry by voting with your facebook account on this website. I am also very happy to see that my Munny Lisa has already more than 100 votes what breaks my record in last year’s contest with Rocky Munny. Thanks for all your support ! You can still vote for your favourite till the end of April or you can buy blank munny and compete with us with your own creations. But be carefull, this is very addictive hobby 😉

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