BB8 engagement ring box

BB8 ringbox1
This was a matter of time when somebody found me looking for BB-8 engagement ring box, since I made this little small RC version which by the way failed miserably. I wanted to make this little guy since he showed his torch thumb up  in Episode 7 Star Wars The Force Awakens. He would be great addition to robot engagement ring boxes collection, he looks awesome next to Wall-E, I will take photos of them together and post on my newly started Instagram account so if you are interested, follow me there, please. I am also back to the idea of 3d printing full scale, watching jealously how others do it on the builders group I follow on facebook, especially now, when I finally retired my old home made 3d printer and replaced it with more reliable machine.

BB8 ringbox2

BB8 shape is simple ball with intricate panelling lines. The easiest way to split it would be cutting the ball in half and leaving ugly joint, but I wanted to hide using the features of robots design. That gave me this interesting flower like shape when opened. It made the construction a bit more complicated than just straight line but I think it was worth this extra effort. The perfect enclosure for an engagement ring. If you want to imagine the size, head is made of standard ping pong ball, and all figure stands 8cm tall when closed. We resigned from 2 antennas, because they would be very fragile at this scale and too pointy and dangerous in the front pocket of the trousers 🙂

Painting was made with my favourite Valleyo acrylic paints with light weathering. All sealed with satin varnish and interior lined with orange felt not entirely matching the ring shaped panels from the outside but it gives fresh, modern look. I will try someday how it would look with white or grey finish inside.

BB8 ringbox3

Alright, I started building full scale version of this character. It is a mixture of 3d printing and casting in resin. More detailed description of the whole project, you can find here on this blog post

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