Belle and Boo engagement ring box

Belle and Boo 2
This is the engagement ring box I made for Roxy from Australia. The deadline was short but he had the defined ideas for the box and sent me good sketches so I could start fabricating it quickly.  The concept was based on Belle and Boo characters created by Mandy Sutcliffe, illustrator from Bristol, England. This little girl with the rabbit were important in Roxy’s and his girlfriend love story, so he wanted them to be with him in the moment of proposal.

Belle and Boo 1
He had 2 ideas, one for classic box with figurines on top and one with characters inside clean and elegant acrylic cover. We went with the transparent box with mistletoe like on original illustration from the book and used it as a hook to display the ring. The lid is detachable with little heart shaped knob.
Belle WIP
I sculpted the characters in sculpey, the box and base was laser cut 2 mm acrylic. The mistletoe was formed out of piece of brass with the help of my old Dremel.
Belle and Boo 3

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