Bora Bora Engagement Ring Box

Bora Bora Hilton 1

Here is my recent addition to my engagement ring boxes collection, I made at first half of this year. I custom made it for Jonathan from Australia. He wanted his ring box to look like the Nui Resort and Spa Hilton Hotel ,  Presidential Overwater Villa on Bora Bora, French Polynesia, the most romantic and picturesque place for popping the question and very popular honey moon destination. When I think about the paradise, I have picture of this place in my imagination.

Bora Bora Hilton 4

The brief was to recreate the building as close as possible with water as a base. Water effect was something I always wanted to try to recreate, new challenge so I agreed to give it a try. I used transparent resin tinted with blue and green paint. I poured layer of resin on base made of transparent lasercut acrylic square. I pasted stripes of acetate around the perimeter with tape to build the temporary walls. Poles supporting the structure were glued in this base before I filled the space with resin. When it started to turn into plastic, I used metal sculpting tool with a ball to draw waves, they smoothed naturally, and left very realistic surface. At the end, I painted bottom of the base with green, blue and beige acrylics , to create blurry seabed. The building itself was similar to make as Up house I did before and at the same 1:160 scale. It was all made with cardboard and paper. I prepared all plans and elevations based on photos I could find on internet. I have enough reference and drawings that I could make 1:48 or 1:72 doll house version at some stage in the future.

Bora Bora Hilton 3
The ring is hidden in the compartment under hatched roof. This was made with milliput two part epoxy putty I described earlier. I made the texture with blade of the knife. This was my second try, at first I wasted some time, trying to glue strands of brush bristle, but it was unrealistic and very messy and I am glad I abandoned this plan.

Bora Bora Hilton model 2

All in all it was interesting project. Jonathan received it on time, he already asked the question and is officially engaged. Mission complete for me. Now I hope they will choose this location for their honey moon, take the model with them and send me the picture and notes about any design mistakes I made or details I missed 😉

I wish you guys all the best, have a great wedding and life together!


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