Brainstein USB by mimoco

Some of you may remember my USB design for Infectious/Mimobot : Unmasked design competition I submitted in 2010. I didn’t win then but the comments were very good and encouraging. Year after this event I was contacted by, they liked my concept and would like to produce it.

So now here it is, ready for you to buy. The official premiere was on Macworld 1012 and the Einstein starts Mimoco’s newest series, Legends of MIMOBOT featuring their stylized take on icons, geniuses, and stars of the human race.
It comes in 3 different graphic versions and 6 capacities each to choose from 2GB to 64GB.

My proposal was Brainstein inspired by Einsteins bushy hair and his amazing brain, which was allegedly removed from body few hours after his death and was subject of scientific studies. For people with sensitive stomach who prefer to keep internal organs hidden, there is option with original grey hair. Both of them have second, more playful face, hidden under the plastic cup, inspired by iconic photo of Albert showing his tongue.


Third version re-imagines the iconic physicist as a record-spinning, techno beat-blasting DJ master sporting designer headphones. Emcee² Einstein MIMOBOT reflects the physicist’s other great passion: Music. Indeed, the man who gave us the Theory of Relativity was also quoted as saying, If I were not a physicist, I would probably be a musician.


All three are official products licensed by The Hebrew University of Jerusalem who owns personality rights of this famous genius who stays on 7th. position on the Forbes list of top earning dead celebrities, after Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

Here are two Youtube movies created by Mimoco for this product.

Like them?  So go to and buy your favourite or all three. I want to see it in best sellers 😉

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