George Lucas Munny

Today 14 May 2014 is his birthday. Happy Birthday George Lucas! I made this custom figure for Munny Munth 2013 contest exactly one year ago. It was inspired by recent (then) sale of his empire to Disney. It is sculpted

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Iron Patriot custom munny toy

Here is Iron Patriot re-branded War Machine suit, my second custom toy inspired by Iron Man 3 movie.  I watched the movie in IMAX few days ago and I really enjoyed it.  I am now thinking about making the whole

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Iron Man Munny Mark 42

I recently developed real obsession about Iron Man suits while seeing amazing costumes made by members of The Replica Props Forum. They use program called Pepakura to unfold 3d model to flat pieces, print them on home printer and assemble

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Baby Dragon

I didn’t upload any new figures for a while, but it doesn’t mean I am getting lazy. I was just busy working on few customs, one after another and didn’t have time to edit my photos and write posts. I

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Harry Potter munny

Here is the munny based on Harry Potter movie. Since the first part was screened in cinemas, people started to call me Harry :). I dont wear round glasses, mine are more rectangular but because of my hair there is

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Munny Einstein in colour

I made second this time colour version of Einstein munny for Kidrobot Mega Munnyworld Contest and submitted him last Sunday. He already got some votes, but you can support this entry by voting with your facebook account on this website.

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Munny Lisa

My new mini munny custom I just finished and submitted for Munnyworld Megacontest organized by Kidrobot. This is my first entry and I am planning to submit more. The contest ends at the end of April so I still have

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Super Albino Llama

Another custom kidrobot raffy which spent some time sculpted and unfinished inside my drawer. I finished it to celebrate 100th llama badge on It is a vibrant community of artists and art lovers from around the world and they

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Dronkey from Shrek

I’ve been busy for the last few weeks with custom engagement ring box I can’t disclose yet. I will show it here after the big day later this year. Here you have custom Dronkey instead. It is one of my

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Albert Einstein Munny

I planned to make this little figure of Albert Einstein for the munny munth contest few months ago. I sculpted the face on mini munny to see how it will work on munny. I liked it very much, but didn’t

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