Custom Space Crab Mech

Space Crab 1
Here is my custom Space Crab vinyl toy I customized for Martian Toys exhibition Crab Wars during Designer Con 2015 in Pasadena. The whole event was full of positive energy, making this figure reminded me all the fun I had while doing my first few custom vinyl Toys. The format of this show had another interesting twist. It was friendly competition between Europe and USA with teams assembled from best artists in this industry mixed with some hobbysts like me. Some of the designs blew my mind, I am so jealous of others creativity.
My concept came from the idea of battle between old and new continent. I decided to convert the figure into World War 2 mech suit piloted by veteran in frenzy attack. I wanted it in dynamic pose, mech tank running to battle and crushing everything on its way while locked on target in his tripple lense monocular. The frozen moment, the second after jump and right before firing the gun. The dust just raised on the smallest possible base to keep it stable but creating impression that it’s out of balance.
Space Crab 2
I custom sculpted figurine of the old guy in leather suit inspired by straight jacket and wearing tank helmet. The glass is shattered but its better this way so dirty panels don’t obstruct the view of the enemy. The old armor is rusted, it survived many battles. The paneling lines were cut in vinyl and around 150 tiny screws were added. I bought them on EBay, they were designed for watchmaking and glasses. Paint was applied with airbrush in my new foldable spraybooth I am also using while sanding. I need to airbrush more often, it speeded the painting and created nice effects.
Space Crab 3
The figure was shipped to California in this custom crate made of cardboard and protective foam. On November 21-22 was displayed in Martian Toys booth 603. European team won and my figure got the fifth place and brought me this amazing trophy designed and produced by Absurd Toys.

Martian Toys Trophy for Crab Wars Competition

If you would like to purchase this sculpture, please contact Aaron at Martian Toys, you can find his contact details on their website.

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