Dexter Morgan dunny

Dexter dunny Morgan
Dexter Morgan (played by Michael C.Hall) from Showtime television program Dexter is another dunny toy I customized for my short TV series. I don’t watch TV much, because I don’t have time for that, I prefer to paint figures, but there was few series I couldn’t resist and Dexter is one of them.

Dexter is a forensic blood spatter analyst for the Miami Police as a day job and a serial killer during the night. He is a good man, he has his code of ethics and only kills the bad guys who escaped from justice system. He injects his victim with anaesthetic as portrait with syringe on my dunny. Then he take him to the prepared kill room where everything is wrapped with plastic. The bad guy is naked, wrapped and secured on the table. He then presents him the portraits of victims, takes sample of the blood as trophy and stabs the heart. Then cuts the body to pieces and drops to ocean. He is a bit different that usual hero :), and that probably makes the series so interesting.

If you didn’t see the show yet, I recommend it. You can buy DVDs or Dexter memorabilia here on Ebay

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