Eggcore Qee rabbit

Eggcore Qee rabbit 2
This 2.5 inch Qee was exclusive made for customtoyunion contest. I bought Qee blindbox and got the one with rabbit head. It is great it’s rabbit year I though. I checked the comments on the forum and noticed that some people complain how small it is and that it may be difficult to paint. At this moment I decided that mine must be extremly detailed 🙂 two words: detailed and rabbit, one toy comes to my mind- Eggcore Rabbit! I though the pink rabbit concept I made for exhibition in Shanghai wasn’t bad so I decided to recreate it on this small platform. While  sculpting, I could appreciate more the original Eggcore design and how clever it is. It makes life so much easier to make mechanical character with their toy, just add anything on blank side and will look super detailed, complex and cool with just a small effort :). But this time I had to sculpt all detailed part of the toy myself. I cut and dig half  of the toy. It is tough bacause it’s resin and it’s thick, only on small section empty inside. That was fine, because I shaped most of the elements by removing some material with knife and sanding. Later I added few small details with greenstuff, few parts of the ballpen and tiny electronic junk. The figure was ready 20 days before contest, so waiting was killing me 🙂 I did win first battle but lost at second 🙁 The winner was again Smallstuffpepe, last year champion, well deserved title! I will bring heavier guns for next edition of the Battle Bracket.
Eggcore Qee rabbit

And my little drawing sketched on the customized Eggcore box.

Eggcore Qee rabbit 3

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  1. VINCE says:

    GOOD JOB again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! truly an awesome piece!

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