Eggcore Rabbit as pink Terminator

Eggcore Rabbit 1
This is a toy I customized for Vince from 909toy. It is a new brand and new product, just released few days ago. I received a blank to customize for upcoming events end exhibitions. It is very detailed 95mm tall figure. Its the first toy from the series of characters. This model is called Rabbit. When I looked at the model, I was inspired by its shapes and had an idea to create a terminator-like version of the pink bunny from Duracel commercials. I wanted to play with pink flocking! I wanted to make his eyes lit with red LED. And that is what I did.
Eggcore Rabbit 2
I soldered 2 LEDs with few wires and attached it to 3 button batteries. The on-off switch is featuring as one of the fingers on right arm. The other two are just plastic rods painted silver. All wires and battery holder fit perfect inside a head. I added small pieces of clear acrylics (painted red with a Sharpie) as eyes. I assembled and glued all parts on its place but left the section openable, attached on one screw, so batteries can be replaced in future.
Eggcore Rabbit 3 WIP
Eggcore Rabbit 4 WIP
I walked round all “Art and Hobby” and Eason shops in Dublin and Dun Laoghaire, but couldnt find pink flocking powder. I already started the project and there was no way out. I had to improvise. I bought a pack of pink wool for rug making, the same type I used to make spines for Mr Pricklepants I cut it with scizors for very short hairs and collected it in plastic container. I covered it with aluminium foil and made lots of little holes to create a sort of sieve. I painted the surface with pink colour matching the wool before flocking because I didn want to see the white vinyl shinning under the fur. I painted pieces of surface with white glue and sprincled them heavily with wool. When glue dried it became transparens. At the end I sprayed the furry surface with 2 layers of matt varnish to add it more durability.

If you want to customize your own eggcore go and buy one of  painted models, check this shop and blog for information about next release.

4 responses to “Eggcore Rabbit as pink Terminator”

  1. VTSS Vince says:

    GOOD JOB Michael~~very very impressed~

  2. […] Shanghai, check this out! 2010.11.06-11.15 there is exhibition of custom Eggcore Rabbits. My pink terminator will be exhibited with 20 other customs made by artists from around the world . It is the chance to […]

  3. Jen says:

    This is really clever! Kudos đŸ™‚

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