Young Ellie toy from Disney Pixar "Up"

Young Ellie1
I am back after long break with new finished project. Meet Ellie from Disney Pixar movie “Up”, one of my favourite and most inspiring animations of all time. You are already familiar with my earlier projects featuring house and custom mini munny Carl, my first vinyl handmade toy. I decided to make his companion, Ellie. I like her character the best even if she was there only for short time at the beginning of the movie. I doubt if any toy company will produce her, so I had to do it myself 🙂

Young Ellie2

I started this project few months ago with head sculpted on kidrobot’s DIY toy called Trikky and she was a cat :). Her head and body looked perfect for this project. I did some work and quickly realized that to get what I want, I would have to totally reshape the entire toy. It looked like completely new doll and not custom Trikky. The worst of all, she would be way too big for Carl. My Ellie figure is 210mm tall (8 inchs) so I would need to make another Carl on 7 inch munny to get them match. I didn’t want to repeat the same character twice so I abandoned the project and let her wait at the bottom of my drawer. I am at the stage of finishing all the projects from this drawer along with new stuff so I revisited her first thing this year.

Young Ellie3 WIP

What comes from original Trikky is head, top part of the trousers and hands. The rest is made of more than 10 packs of Sculpey III, Milliput Epoxy Putty and wires from my old umbrella as armature. The feet are entirely sculpted with milliput for extra strength, Sculpey would probably crack at toes area. At the beginning I was afraid that head will be too heavy and the whole toy will need to be screwed to a base, but she is well balanced and stands on her own.

She is painted with spray paints as a base coat and later with acrylics and brushes. I will cover her with satin varnish, I didn’t do it before taking photos to avoid reflections.
Here is short movie showing “Up” dollhouse, Carl and Ellie from all angles in HD:

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