Ellie’s Adventure Book engagement ring box

Ellie adventure book 2This is second ring box I made based on Disney/Pixar animation “UP”. It is a small replica of Ellie’s Adventure book as featured few times in the movie and customized with secret compartment for engagement ring.
It is all made of paper and cardboard, with tiny styrene bottle cap badge detail. I cut watercolour paper pages with square window one at the time, stack  and glue them together, what gives uneven and realistic look of the pages, it is how it would look like when Ellie would make it. The lining behind the ring is made of foam. The covers are made of cardboard with fabric hinge and white textured paper painted to look like old leather. Two neodymium magnets are embedded inside to hold the front cover closed.
Ellie adventure book 1The letters for the cover were laser-cut and the globe sticker printed on printer. I include first page with photos sent to me, edited to look like old vintage photographs and printed with the dedication.  The inspiration to do that came from original Ellie’s Adventure book in the movie, with quotes: “Stuff I am Going To Do” at the beginning and “Thanks for the adventure-now go and have a new one!Love Ellie” at the end. I like to include customer’s words in similar hand written style for extra personal touch. I also made second version of the ring box with “Our” Adventure Book title, instead of “My”. I feel it suits the moment of proposal better.

Ellie adventure book 3

Below is the full size version of the book I made for Edwin who ordered from me ring box few years ago. He and his fiancée decided to continue this theme during they wedding day and asked me to craft them photo album big enough so they can paste polaroid photos of  their guests during the ceremony. I thought it was great idea so I made it. I used the same techniques and paints to match their ring box except you will not fit it in the pocket and it weights over 2 kg.

Ellie Adventure Photobook

Here is “Our Adventure Book” ring box with a twist. I was asked to customize this ring box to fit the Disney Cruise Line theme with photos from the trip. It was similar size to the original box I made before, I just needed to change its proportions to fit the logo. All the characters were cut and painted by hand based on illustration found online.

Disney Cruise Adventure Book

This geeky engagement ring box is still the most popular thing on my website but it is not the only model I built based on “Up” movie. I started with the small 1:160 scale Carl’s house scale model, then there was bigger, 1:48 scale dollhouse version. In the meantime, I made custom toys of young Carl and Ellie. You can read about this models on my separate blog posts, just follow the links below.

1:160, N scale model of Carl’s house from Disney Pixar movie Up

Up house model, 1:48 scale dollhouse version

Custom engagement ring box in shape of house from Disney Pixar animation Up


Young Carl from Disney Pixar movie Up custom toy

Ellie from Disney Pixar movie Up, custom made doll

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