ETea custom mini Lunartik

Lunartik ETea 1
This is my another mini Lunartik customized as cute alien E.T. from memorable 1982 Steven Spielberg’s “The Extra-Terrestrial” movie. The idea came to me when I was playing with the cup and saucer, it looked like an UFO. It was easy to turn it to flying saucer and the Lunartik looked as the character already with his skinny body and big head. I only extended his fingers, filled the space on top of his head and add some details with green stuff. It was really fun to work on this figure. I have few other ideas for this toy, but need to focus on new munny contest which starts 1 April. In the meantime you can check what other artists made with it, the world tour starts in Berlin 6th of April, for details go to or buy the figure and make your own little masterpiece.
Lunartik ETea 2

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