Flames of War finished terrain piece

Flames Of War terrain 1

This is a finished Flames of War terrain or for other 15mm game or diorama. It will be relased as resin kit and will be avaliable here or on my ebay auction.
Flames Of War terrain 4
Flames Of War terrain 3
Flames Of War terrain 2


Flames Of War terrain wip

I cut this elevation few weekends ago. My friend from university sent me his survey drawing of  this beautiful tenement-house in Poland. I thought it may be a nice element for the wargame table or diorama. I am going to make damaged version of this building  in the near future. It will be in scale 1:100 to fit the Flames of War figures.

Flames Of War terrain wip5


Flames Of War terrain wip4
Here you have few photos of my weekend project. I prepared my drawings a while ago, and decided to cut it now. It is my new master for resin casting. Its made of cardboard, bricks and some war damage is engraved on surface. I will patch few places with putty, add more cracks and texture to plaster, add some details like broken glass, timber joists and a little plush teddy bear on the floor 🙂 Then I will sand it in some places, prime it and its ready for silicone mould. Anybody wants one?
Flames Of War terrain wip3
Its all laser cut from 1.5mm and 0.5mm cardboard.  Bricks are made in two passes : first  is engraving for about 0.4mm deep, then  mortar line is cut for another 0.4mm. Floors are cut from one 1.5mm cardboard (the shape with joists) than on top of it is a 0.5mm paper layer with timber boards. Bottom side is again timber boards and another layer with peeling plaster ceiling.
Flames Of War terrain wip6
Flames Of War terrain wip7
I made another two elevations for city battles for Flames of War strategy game. Its based on survey drawings made by students of architecture so its quite accurate. I always wanted to create very detailed table showing destroyed city. its going to be very labour intensive, so I would like to start with one street at the moment. Those buildings will be the part of historical city centre.

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  1. JW says:

    Stunning work! The brick detail is incredible.

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