George Lucas Munny

George Lucas 1
Today 14 May 2014 is his birthday. Happy Birthday George Lucas!

I made this custom figure for Munny Munth 2013 contest exactly one year ago. It was inspired by recent (then) sale of his empire to Disney. It is sculpted on Bub figure and Tie fighter is made of Munny’s head with extra pieces laser cut in styrene. I am very sad that Kidrobot stopped producing Bub model a while ago. I see lots of possibilities on this head shape and it is getting difficult to buy blanks now.
George Lucas 2
It is hard to believe I still didn’t post it. I planned to add him glasses and weather the tie fighter more but I was rushing to post him on Kidrobot’s website before the end of the contest. It was worth it, this piece got second position in the whole contest “Best in Show” and at the same time first place in “Best Pop Culture” category. I was so close to win the trip to New York, soooo close, it was the raffle and 1 to 5 chances!!! Well, meaby there will be other chance to visit Big Apple. This time I got 3 huge boxes with different size munnys including one black Mega Munny (20 inches tall) , which is like a crown on top of my detolf cabinet with other custom vinyl toys. Still waiting for his turn to be customized.

Here is the link to kidrobot blog post showing other winners.

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