Hachi custom robot statue

Few weeks ago I was commissioned by Arvinna to make the very special birthday gift for her boyfriend. The request was to design and build a little statue of the robot which would look like female version, sort of Bhakti’s sister from Final Fantasy 13 . I never played the game, but after quick research on YouTube, I was convinced that it’s going to be interesting job. I was always interested in robots and if I would know more about electronics and programing, I would build 1:1 for myself. I started with search of the components I could use for this scratchbuild project. The main body is made of two empty cardridges combined together, glued and filled with resin for extra strenght. The eyes are made of 2  marker cups which had perfect shapes just needed to add round lenses. Inside the chasis there are electronic components and wires to add more real robot details. The name of this robot is Hachi, I designed and engraved it’s logo for the small recessess on sides and bigger versions for the custom made acrylic base sanded and spray painted black. Whole legs parts , ears and neck were lasercut of plywood, glued and sanded to desired shape.

The favourite part in this project was painting. I wanted to create the impression of the machine which went through many quests during the life as trusted companion, but not too much so it look like was well maintained by it’s owner. Doing all weathering, rust, scratches and dust was something what I didn’t have a chance to try on my other projects, and I see I love it 🙂 and need to explore this techniques on other figures. It turned to be one of my favourite projects to date, I want to build more robots in future! This one is already shipped all the way to Singapore and soon will be standing next to the other figures from Final Fantasy collection. I wish you happy birthday ! Isn’t your girlfriend the best ?!

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  1. Arvi says:

    It… is… beautiful. Even better then the pics!

    Hachi is the boyfriend’s Labrador, she passed on last year. He still misses her a lot.

    Thank you so much for your efforts, he loves it to bits! But not more then he loves me of course.

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