Harry Potter munny

Harry potter munny 1
Here is the munny based on Harry Potter movie. Since the first part was screened in cinemas, people started to call me Harry :). I dont wear round glasses, mine are more rectangular but because of my hair there is some resemblence to Daniel Radcliffe. Two years ago I made myself round plastic glasses, bought cheap bathrobe and went to halloween party like this, random people in the pub took pictures with me, because they thought I looked like the real Harry Potter ??:) I decided to try this character on munny, similiar way I did my dunnys, 100% painting, no sculpting this time. This munny could also double as selfportrait :).

Harry potter munny 2
This piece is going to Designer Con and will be displayed at Custom Toy Union booth where you can buy it if you wish. If you cant make it to Pasadena on Saturday 5 November, you can still find lots of cool Harry Potter toys on Ebay

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