Hit Girl from Kick-Ass movie

hit girlLittle 3 inch dunny customized as Hit Girl, my favourite character from “Kick-Ass” movie. Her real name is Mindy Macready (played by Chloe Moretz ). She was raised by father, Big Daddy ( in this role Nicolas Cage) after her mother was murdered. She was trained to take bullets (my favourite scene 🙂 and fight with all kind of weapons you can imagine. They both try to kill as many criminals as possible, but she is particulary brutal in that 🙂 She wears superhero-style costume inspired by comic books her father loves. She is deadly! I wanted to make her figurine right after seeing the movie, but was occupied with different things. I used the body of dunny, I still think about adding his ears, what do you think? Her hair is sculpted with Sculpey III and skirt made of epoxy putty called “Green Stuff”. The gun comes from my old collection of G.I.JOE weapons, and cape is made of plastic formed with the heat gun.

There is sets of 7 and 12 inch action figures produced by Mezco, and mighty mugs on the market. Search them if you are interested in this characters or you can buy them here on Ebay

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