Howard Wolowitz dunny from The Big Bang Theory

dunny howard
Meet Howard Wolowitz the first character from my favourite comedy television series by CBS  “The Big Bang Theory”. I painted him on dunny and this time no sculpting was involved. I already made heads for all four geeky scientists and will reveal them here in next few days. I presume most of you already know the series, if not you should check it, it is really funny.

Howard is an aerospace engineer at Department of Applied Physics at Caltech’s Department. He is just engineer and often mocked by Sheldon for lack of doctoral degree 🙂 He is living with his mother but he believes that he is ladies man and often provides outrageous pick-up lines in female presence. He has funny bowl-style haircut and wear loud outfits with turtle-neck under shirt. I wanted to show it on my figure by glueing head bit higher on dunny’s neck. He also likes unusual belt buckles in this case I painted him with Nintendo controller. He travels on Vespa motor scooter and is not afraid to use soldering iron. He knows how to build machines and robots, but always breaks something at the end like Mars rover or space toilet for International Space Station (not to mention robotic arm) 🙂
Check few episodes and see if you like it, if yes please come back to see my next custom toy from the series.

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