Irish Church N-scale for model railroad

Bartholomew church wip 13

Bartholomew church model is almost ready. It needs some paint in few places, base with surrounding and display case.

Bartholomew church wip 11

Bartholomew church wip 12
Bartholomew church wip 10

This is the project I am working at the moment. It is Saint Bartholomew Church on the Clyde Road located in Balsbridge in Dublin. When I first saw this building few months ago, something captured my attention. Was it the location? Its stands on the triangular land surrounded by red brick houses converted to embassies. Hard to believe that when it was built in 1867 it was open fields.

Bartholomew Dublin 2

The church was designed by an English architect, Thomas Henry Wyatt in a Gothic Revival for Sidney Herbert, of the Earls of Pembroke. The original design was never completed, the unusual octagonal tower never received its intended spire.

Bartholomew Dublin 1

I am building the laser cut cardboard master in scale 1:160 (N scale). I am going to make moulds of finished pieces and cast it in resin.
Bartholomew church wip 7

Bartholomew church wip 6

Those are my first casts of 3 finished parts.  I used polyurethane Axson F16 resin. Very quick de-moulding time (2.5m pot life, de-mould 20 – 30 minutes). It has low viscosity so  it flows like water to all details.  Silicone mould rubber T20. Its hard to get those materials here in Dublin so I ordered it at  It arrived quickly and well packed. The bad surprise was delivery cost over 20£ for 4 kg parcel.

Bartholomew church wip 3

This is my favourite part of the building. I think that asymmetrical tower captured my attention when I was passing by that church. It has 8 little columns on the perimeter and looked complicated at first moment, but it was very easy to make.
I started with 50 cross sections laser cut in 1.5mm cardboard. Then  filled spaces between pillars with green stuff and sculpted stone. It will be primed later and cast as single resin part.

Bartholomew church wip 4


n scale church wip 10
Most of my parts are already done. This is my first cast assembled and primed white. You see here 9 main parts and another 8 small details. I need to pour the silicone on 2 more pieces and I can finish this model.

n scale church wip 9
n scale church wip 8


Bartholomew church wip 9
All of my moulds are finished. This is my first cast assembled.  It is painted with base colours. It will take a lot of time to paint and weather it.
Bartholomew church wip 8

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