John Lasseter Vinylmation

John Lasseter Vinylmation
Tribute to John Lasseter, the man who created Pixar and pushed the boundaries in computer animation technology and storytelling with every movie coming out from the studio. I painted him on Disney’s 3inch vinylmation vinyl figure with his signature hawaiian shirt with characters from Finding Nemo. He owns few hundreds of hawaiian shirts, check this short interview on Youtube. He also collects toys, his office looks like toy shop.

I wanted  to do something with Mickey’s ears. The first idea was to paint Luxo Jr  playing with ball. At the end I decided to model them as 3 dimensional sculptures.Vinylmation Animation Visionaires

Here he is standing next to my previous vinylmation Walt Disney. Both of them created first full length animated movies revolutionary in their technologies of that time and most successful of all times. I am always waiting impatient for every new Pixar film, next is Brave in 2012.


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