Joker Mater inspired by Pixar Cars 2

Pixar Cars Joker Mater 3

While waiting for the premiere of Disney Pixar Cars 2 ( In Great Britain and Ireland 1 month longer ) I decided to customize Mater one of the characters from the movie. He is cheerful, honest and loyal friend of Lighting McQueen in the film, so I made him just the opposite, pure evil. My version features Joker with little tricycle girl at the gunpoint, waiting for Batman to rescue her. Original Mater’s smile inspired me to do that 🙂
Pixar Cars Joker Mater 1

I started with Mattel die-cast toy, re sculpted its teeth, added hands on springs like clown in the box toy. The tricycle is made of paper clip, pieces of styrene and few spare parts from broken toys. The base is made of cut tire from radio controlled car.

I saw many versions of this car sold by Mattel and one amazing custom Darth Vader from Star Wars created by team of professional model makers, search it, you will not regret.
Pixar Cars Joker Mater 2

One response to “Joker Mater inspired by Pixar Cars 2”

  1. Anne says:

    darkly amusing! and the detail is great i like the modern version of jokers face paint goes well tied with the rustic look of a tow-truck 🙂 great details!

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