Knight custom android toy

Knight custom Android

This is the first android I made, it was commissioned by collector from Ukraine who only buys customs on this platform. He had gave me 10 keywords for ideas to choose from, I went with first from the list – medieval knight. I thought it may go well with this little figure and create some sort of set with my previous knight based on lunartik.

Knight custom Android WIP

Above is the picture to show you what went into this process. I wanted to keep uncovered as much of the original toy as possible while creating this new figure. I lifted robots head and converted it into helmet with stripes of plastic, then added new head and extended legs and arms with milliput epoxy putty.

I liked working with this figure and planning to make more androids in the future. This one is already with its owner, but if you want see any other idea on this platform, you can commission me by leaving comment under this post, I will contact you then.

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