MacGyver dunny toy

MacGyver dunny

Do you remember MacGyver ?  (played by Richard Dean Anderson) He was my hero when I was a child. I guess it influenced me a lot, I still like to open every device and often use what I find around to fix stuff. His attitude not to panic and there is always a solution to every problem is still inspiring for me. I know that most of his creations in the show, wouldn’t work in real life what was sometimes proved in Mythbusters and ridiculed in many jokes and graphics.

I recently watched 2 episodes on Youtube . I am planning to buy DVD to refresh it more. When I was in primary school, I had every episode recorded on tapes, yes tapes, for younger readers, check VHS on wiki 🙂

Here is the photo of this one of the kind figure with custom made box, red like swiss army knife 😉
MacGyver dunny with box

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