Mad Hatter Engagement Ring Box

Mad Hatter Engagement Ring Box 1
Check this recent addition to my creative engagement category. This time I was commissioned to make a ring box in classic Disney Alice in Wonderland theme as this being one of the favourite movie of future fiancee. After brainstorming session and many emails exchanged we settled on the Mad Hatter idea with surprise effect. The inspiration comes from famous tea party sequence where Alice wants her tea and she can’t get it. Our Mad Hatter is finally giving her the cup of tea kneeing in engagement pose. Under his big hat there is smaller hat on top of which it will be attached the ring, would you expect that?? 🙂
Mad Hatter Engagement Ring Box 2
The figure is sculpted from scratch with Fimo over wire armature with hands and hats made of epoxy putty. The bigger hat was sculpted over the plastic tube to get the correct round shape. The figure is fixed to resin base and surrounded by lasercut paper peony flowers specially prepared for this project. Everything was painted with acrylics and finished with satin varnish.

The figure is already shipped to USA with little damage on its way, but already fixed by crafty customer with a bit of superglue 😉 and waiting for the right moment to pop the question. Watch out girls, there is a gentleman out there with an amazing ring prepared for one of you, I can’t say his name but it will happen in New York soon 😉 For those of you who will not see the real thing, here is short movie showing the figure in HD ( the ring on pictures here is just a prop, but believe me, the real one is mind-blowing ! )
I wish you both happy and beautiful life together and please send me the photo from the wedding! 😉

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