Mike Wazowski engagement ring box

Mike Wazowsky 2
Here is another, Disney/Pixar themed custom engagement ring box, this time it is based on character from Monsters Inc, Mike Wazowski. I enjoyed this movie, didn’t cover it yet with my geeky ring boxes, so I was happy to take the job. I built it for Brian from New York. He is planning to take his girlfriend to Disney and pop the question during Wishes fireworks display and Mike is her favourite character.

I used my already trusted 3d printer again and sculpted the head, legs and hands digitally. Project like this is always good opportunity to practice sculpting with my small Wacom Bamboo tablet. I am planning to buy something bigger and more professional in future, but at the moment it is good enough for work I do.
Mike Wazowsky 3
I blocked the head and cut it into 2 pieces in Meshmixer. I then removed the sphere of right size for ring compartment and  printed it in PLA. I sanded the pieces and installed small brass hinge. Then printed hands and feet, perfectly symmetrical, what is huge advantage if going digital. I then added paperclip arms and legs and posed figure. When I was happy with the pose and balance, I covered wire with epoxy putty and let it dry. When it hardened, I sanded it and formed finished limbs.
Mike Wazowsky 1
Painting was simple, the whole monster is all green. I didn’t want to leave it one solid colour because it would look like toy. I spattered dots with shades of green and yellow to create skin texture and added some shading to make it more realistic and more like tiny statue. Brian liked it and said its looked better than he imagined, its always good to hear from customer 🙂

I just got the amazing news, Brian proposed on Saturday, (15.10.2016) and she said YES ! She liked it too! It was an icing on the cake 🙂 Wish you guys all the best! have a great wedding and life together. May this little figure remind you this beautiful moment you shared together during last weekend and you can also use him as a cake topper 🙂

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