Mr Pricklepants Munny from Toy Story 3

New character to my custom munny collection comes from Toy Story 3 created by Pixar. His name is Mr Pricklepants and he is a charming hedgehog stuffed animal voiced by Timothy Dalton.  I used headless body of mini munny to make him.

Its general shape matched exacly the character from the movie. I only needed to drill new holes below existing ones to lower his hands and sculpt his head on top of munnys neck. That was quick sculpt when compared with my previous toys. He is painted with acrylic paints and stitches are made with Sharpie. His spines are made of rug wool, I found in a textiles shop. Its packed in a bag of 160 pieces x6.8 cm and prepared for rug making.

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  1. […] to improvise. I bought a pack of pink wool for rug making, the same type I used to make spines for Mr Pricklepants I cut it with scizors for very short hairs and collected it in plastic container. I covered it with […]

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