Finished Carl’s House scale model from Disney Pixar "Up"

Pixar Up scale model 2
Here you have few pictures of my finished scale model of Carl’s little flying victorian house from new Disney Pixar animation Up.
Pixar Up scale model 1
Here you have the most recent addition to my model collection. This is N-scale scratch-built model of flying house from the new Pixar movie “Up”. I haven’t seen the movie yet (still not open in cinemas in Ireland) but I loved the trailer and this colorful piece of architecture. I needed to have it in real 3d… The design was simple, I based on pictures, movies from youtube and cut out toy from official Disney Pixar website. I started last Friday, all parts were ready on Saturday. It was going to be weekend project. So far its two weekends project.

Here is the house painted with base colors. They will be refined with different techniques, dry-brushing and washes. The photo below shows the stage before painting. You can see how many elements needs to be assembled together to create this little model.



I prepared all parts myself and used my laser cutter to cut them all from paper. The siding and roof tiles are all dimensional, glued painstakingly line by line. For painting, I used Vallejo acrylic paints, my favorite brand so far.



This model became very popular on the internet, bringing lots of people to my website after the movie was released. That led me to build the bigger version in scale 1:48, popular in dollhouse world. You can read more about this project, just click the image.






Later I was asked to recreate the tiny version with the hidden compartment where the engagement ring could be placed. This was the first time I discovered engagement ring boxes category. More about this project, when you click the photo.






I also started sculpting and customizing vinyl toys. The “Up” theme was always on my mind, that lead to the creation of this little figures of young Carl and Ellie. Check them out, maybe you could create one yourself.







Unfortunately, I do not sell kits or plans for this little project, but I found something that looks very similar and does not cost much. It is of course much less detailed but also does not require so much work and can be fun little craft project for few evenings. Everything is in the box, all materials to create this little decoration. It even has tiny interiors and glass enclosure. It cost only 17usd with shipping from Banggood.

11 responses to “Finished Carl’s House scale model from Disney Pixar "Up"”

  1. Paco says:

    I love the final result of this model. I just saw few days ago the film UP and I love it.. I wish I could make a house like this for a gift to my girlfriend who non stop crying all the time hehe.
    I tried to download de paper sheet from the other post but the links seems don’t work.

    Anyway, I have been admiring all the work you have posted in the blog and I can’t wait to see your next works. I think is amazing.

    Greetings from Spain.

  2. Trace Elmens says:

    Holy Crap… That is just….whoa. You are awesome!

  3. Specer says:

    I’m working on a solid works version like this to be 3D printed and painted. I would love the blue prints you used. That would make my life so much easier! Awsome job

  4. Frodex says:

    Your model is great… I used the photos as a reference for my gingerbread house, built to support Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Douglas County Kansas. My gingerbread version of Carl’s House from Pixar’s UP will be auctioned at the Eldridge Hotel on Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2009. You can see photos of the house here:

  5. Bastiaan says:

    Both thumbs UP for this house!
    Great work and a joy to look at.
    You inspired me to make one myself for my little son (5Y), who loves the movie.
    He has seen it over and over and still enjoys it, but so do I…
    It would be such a surprise to have this house, with your drawing etc.
    Can you please send me the color references you used?
    Thank you and don’t stop here.

    Greeting from The Netherlands

  6. Linda says:

    I love your Up house. Can you provide a picture of the back of the house? Did you make yours in 1/2″ scale? You’ve provided great inspiration for me to make one of my own. Thanks.

  7. Bruce says:

    You are phenomenal! That is fantastic work. To be able to detail that from only viewing the movie ( i am guessing ) is amazing. And I think your line work, in the drawing of the exterior elevations is as good as the people who originally designed it. Are you sure you don’t work for Pixar/Disney?

    • admin says:

      Thanks! Its easier to make it when I see it, than design it on my own. I am sure I dont work for them 🙁 sad, but meaby some day… 🙂 Check the blog of this fantastic artist who worked for them on this one :

  8. Annie says:

    I plan to model this work of art into an actual cake for my sons upcoming birthday! Thank you for the awesome idea!!!

  9. Pieter says:

    Dear Modelmaker,

    that’s a lovely house!!!. I was looking for pictures and textures because I am trying to build
    the house in Second Life. (See if it will fly there haha) and I stumbled upon your site.
    I tagged it so I can see more of your work.

  10. […] had already prepared drawings for my previous project in scale 1:160. Bigger model gave me the oportunity to create more realistic and detailed windows, so I had to […]

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