Rapunzel Tower Engagement Ring Box

Tangled Rapunzel Tower 1
Here is the Rapunzel Tower Engagement Ring Box I created for Josh from Canada. It is based on design from Disney movie Tangled. I wanted to make scale model of this building right after seeing the movie in 2010 but I was occupied with other projects and this idea faded. When Josh came to me with this project, I agreed with no hesitation.
Tangled Rapunzel Tower 3
I started to make it with my Reprap style 3d printer, but the machine was breaking and producing ugly results. I spent few days fixing the problems one after other. Finally the nozzle melted and was destroyed during this process. This put me away from 3d printing for few weeks so I went the other route in building this.

For round elements I used 0.25mm styrene stripes rolled on different diameters brass tubes and deodorants to get the plastic rings in right dimensions. Humbrol Poly Cement melts the plastic so few 0.25mm layers build up the thickness and it becomes strong and rigid. The narrow stripes simulated wooden beams and  could become any size I needed by just rolling additional layers of plastic. The small imperfections were fixed with model filler.  The stone base of tower is sculpted with milliput around cardboard roll taken from kitchen paper towels.  Here is the ugly photo from construction site.
Tangled tower WIP
The roof is detachable and it is hold in place by small magnets. It is made of milliput  shaped to get the right profile and then covered with lasercut paper stripes, rings and arches of roof tiles fixed with superglue.

roof tiles

It took few hours to put them this way but I think effect was the most realistic and fastest I could get. I am glad that I didn’t try to sculpt them by hand as I planned initially. Everything is as usually, painted with acrylics. The interior is lined with red felt. The ivy is model railway foliage from my local model shop. The whole model is about 40cm tall.

Tangled Rapunzel Tower 2

Josh  sent me the message that he asked his girlfriend Janet to marry him and she said YES. She was happy with the box too. Wish you both all the best!!! Have fun at the wedding reception and brilliant life together!



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