Rapunzel’s Pascal engagement ring holder

Rapunzel Pascal 1

Here is another engagement ring box based on “Tangled” Disney movie.  When I saw it in cinema for the first time in 2010, there were two things I wanted to make, Rapunzel’s tower and this little chameleon Pascal. I completed the first model a while ago, and described the process of making it in previous post titled Rapunzel tower ring box here, and now its time to build her loyal friend. This year I was contacted by Danny from USA. He saw my previous models and asked me to craft him Tangled themed engagement ring holder so he can use it during his proposal. I used this opportunity to sculpt this little statue of Pascal and tick second box on my to do list.

Pascal 5

I quickly searched online if I can find any existing toy I could use as a base for this project. I found few plush toys and figurines, but they were too big, too small or with strange face expressions. This figurine from Amazon would probably do the job, but it is only 7cm long and I figured it would be too small. I wanted something roughly in real life size so it could double as cosplay prop or wedding cake topper.

I sculpted it in Super Sculpey  in the scale roughly 1:1 to fit on top of the hand.  I started with head. The eyes are made of plastic beads, I made them removable in case if I will decide to make them articulate in future. The basic shape was simple and quite easy to model but then I spent countless hours creating the texture of the skin punching little dots with round brass tubes in 4 sizes.  It was quite boring process, so I was watching Netflix at the same time.

Pascal WIP


I wanted to make the figurine strong and keep one copy for myself so I made silicone mould of each part of the body and cast them in resin. I can now create similar model for myself with different face expression and don’t have to start from scratch. Meaby I will make one from the scene of first encounter with Flynn Rider or play with colours or make him translucent.  I will see, I didn’t decided yet and there are other projects I will be working on in next couple of weeks.


Pascal 4

Could you say no when looking at this big, watery eyes? 🙂
Pascal 3

It was fun to sculpt this little guy and Danny was happy with the result. He said that it looks better in reality than on photos. Here is short 360 view of finished model.

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