Rocky Munny for kidrobot contest

Munny Rocky 1
This is a custom munny I made for kidrobot’s munny competition. I wanted to sculpt a lot with this one. Original toy’s hand reminded me boxing gloves so I started to think about boxing stars. The first thing on my mind was Rocky Balboa, one of the heroes of my childhood 🙂 I did some research and found this brilliant caricature painted by Sebastian Kruger. I imediatelly saw the Sylwester’s face on munnys head. I needed to extend it verticaly and create huge jaw using munnys ears as a base. It looked like a challenge, so I decided to do it. Here you can see some progress photos.
Munny Rocky 2
The body is from 7 inches DIY toy, but the head is taken from  mini munny. All figure measures 25 cm. Its painted with spray paints and airbrushed acrylics.

Munny Rocky 3UPDATE 15 JULY 2010:  This little guy won second place in “best movie event reenactment” category at Munny Munth Contest !!! Thanks for all who voters, supporters and contestants. You chan check other winning entries here

and the comment by Paul Budnitz, creator of munny, writen on Kidrobot’s Kronicle :

“When I first looked at this toy, I couldn’t figure out where the MUNNY went. But if you look closely (and at the build photos the creator generously gave to us) you will notice that Rocky’s short’s are also MUNNY’s legs. Brilliant! Sly is looking a bit old and depressed, which I also approve of because I imagine this is true to life once his career went downhill after he fought Mr. T.  Furthermore, he’s just kicked the crap out of a little Teddy Bear who lies dead on the ground.  2nd prize for a well thought out original design, solid craftsmanship, and for killing the teddy bear.”


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