Sheldon Cooper vinylmation

vinylmation sheldon
Sheldon Lee Cooper is the last character from my mini series of portraits on vinyl toys based on The Big Bang Theory, my favourite show ever. He is played by actor Jim Parson who won four Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globe, TCA Award and two Critic’s Choice Television Awards for this role. In other words he is perfect for this job. He is also my favourite  actor from the cast I enjoy watching interviews with, he is Sheldon even if he speaks about real life stuff.

At this point The Big Bang Theory is so popular that it doesn’t need introduction, but if your TV and internet was broken for last couple of years, Sheldon in theoretical physicist with probably all possible degrees B.S, M.S, M.A, Ph.D., Sc.D he thinks about himself as a genius. He has his routines and favourite places which he never changes. He doesn’t understand sarcasm and how to interact with other people what is the source of humor in all episodes.

He wears T-shirts with superhero logos like Flash, Superman, Green Lantern. He usually wears long sleeve shirt underneath. This style is so popular that you can buy all this different designs in many online shops. I now see them on streets everywhere, especially the red one with BAZINGA, a word he uses after the prank instead of saying “fooled you!” or “gotcha!” At the time when I was painting this toy, it was not that many merchandise on the market, so I dressed him in the t-shirt he was wearing the most of time. When I was painting this little collectible, the only thing you could get were handmade figurines or fabric dolls. Now you can get everything, Big Bang Theory related;  figurines, bobble heads, wacky wobblers, vinyl toys, mugs, socks, soft kitty pillows, keychains, crazy stuff. Judging by the shelf space occupied in my local Forbidden Planet store, Funko Pop Television is very popular this days. I am thinking about buying one and try to repaint it with acrylics to get more realistic caricatural sculpture.

This one is painted on DIY toy platform called Vinylmation and produced by Disney. I selected this model bacause it is taller than other characters painted on Kidrobot dunnys. Mickey ears is a nice additional feature, it reminds me one episode when Sheldon and Penny came back from trip to Disneyland.

big bang dunny gang

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