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Russell figurine

This is second character I sculpted to fit the 1:48 dollhouse I made before. He is made of epoxy putty and painted with acrylics. He is 28mm tall. I used Hot Toys figure as reference, but I am not planning

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Victorian dollhouse from Disney/Pixar movie Up

I didn’t update this site for a long time. I’ve been very busy on a new project. This is a bigger version of Carl’s house from brilliant Disney/Pixar animation “Up” . I built it in victorian dollhouse scale 1:48 (


Victorian house model from Coraline

Few photos of my current project. Its house from animated movie Coraline. Its in scale 1:160, made of paper and cardboard. Its still work in progress. My next stage is paint roof, fix gutters make base with terrain, porch and


Finished Carl’s House scale model from Disney Pixar "Up"

Here you have few pictures of my finished scale model of Carl’s little flying victorian house from new Disney Pixar animation Up. Here you have the most recent addition to my model collection. This is N-scale scratchbuilt model of flying