Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland inspired dunny

Alice Burton dunny
This work was inspired by Disney movie:  “Alice in Wonderland” by Tim Burton. It evolved from the single idea, I will not disclose at the moment, because I may use it for another custom. It led me to this creation. I wanted to make it like a little painting on 3d canvas without sculpting and any modifications to the toy this time. I saw Cheshire cat in dunny’s shapes. Used one ear as cat’s tail and another as Mad Hatter’s hat. On front of the corpse I pictured Tweedledum and Tweedledee pushed by a card soldier featuring on the back of the figure.

I painted this little 3 inch dunny for a contest organized by Custom Toy Union , forum, which gathers very creative, talented and full of energy artists. It was 23 entries, all at very high standard and diverse desings. The contestants were randomly matched in battles of two, and all members of the forum had 24 hours to vote on one design in each battle. The winner goes to another round. It was very exciting to see how the results changed over the time during each battle. I didn’t make it to finals and dropped out in 3rd round, killed by Pikaiju, very well sculpted and painted original character inspired by Pokemons. Go and check all the creations and if you are customizing toys yourself, join the group and show us your work!  If you are collector, you may be interested in buying the blind box Assassins Series designed and handpainted dunnys by 18 selected members of the community.

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