Tinker Bell Engagement

Tinker Bell 1
On the occasion of Tinker Bell “Secret of the Wings” being played in my cinema, I decided to share with you this engagement ring box I completed in March for Christopher from USA. He came to me with this idea and few reference photos from movie, so it was easy to understand what he wanted, I liked the concept and agreed to make it for him.
Tinker Bell 2
I laser cut the whole lantern in acrylic plastic sheets and painted gold. The top section was made of stacked circles glued together and sanded to get the cone shape. Inside this part, there is compartment for 3 button batteries and white LED  which can be switched on and off by twisting the top part. On the bottom part there is quote Chris chose: “A dream is a wish your heart makes” which comes from the song from Disney’s Cinderella.

Tinker Bell 3
The figurine of Tinker Bell was sculpted in green stuff and painted with acrylic paints. The little wings are made of transparent plastic with pattern engraved with sharp knife.

From What I know, Chris proposed to his girlfriend in Disneyland, and she said YES.

I wish you both all the best, have a great wedding and live happily ever after!

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