Toy Story Engagement Ring Box

Toy Story Engagement Ring Box 2
I was helping the cupid recently, commissioned by romantic guy to craft the engagement ring box related to Disney/Pixar Toy Story movie. We came with this idea that all characters from the movie support him and help to convince the girl to be his wife. They even built the “Marry Him” sign with LEGO bricks :) I managed to sculpt and fit 8 characters in this 95mm x 65mm x 75mm box. We have Woody, Jessie, Buzz Lightyear, Rex, Sqeeze, Mr. and Mrs Potato Heads and in the center Lots-O’-Huggin’ Bear holding the ring. They are sculpted in green stuff specially to fit the scratchbuilt wooden box. all is painted with acrylic paints and vartnished to give the satin finish. Lego sign is laser engraved in plywood. I didnt make molds of the figurines so it will be only one model like this worldwide.

Toy Story Engagement Ring Box 1
Girls! One of you there will get it so be nice to your men ;) And please say “Yes” and have a great life together.I wish you both all the best!
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  3. Daniel

    OMG!!! this is sooo awesome!!!!

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  5. petuniasweetpea

    Seriously Awesome! What an amazing job. Did she say yes?

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  7. Donna C

    I do believe that my 11 year old who has loved Toy Story all his life, will want one of these. Fabulous job!

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  9. Stacey

    Oh my gosh, how cute is this! What a wonderful idea!

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