"Up" Custom Ring Box

Up house ring box 2
I was commissioned by one gentleman to make this custom engagement ring box. His girlfriend and now fiancée is a big fan of movie “Up” and all Disney Pixar related. He saw my previous model in scale 1:160 and wanted to use it as an unique engagement ring box. I thought he has a great idea so I crafted it for him. I used the design of my first miniature as a base and modified it a bit so it is hollow and opens at the bottom revealing secret compartment lined with felt and custom ring holder made of foam and covered with matching fabric. The space inside is 50mm long by 20mm width and 40mm heigh so any diamond engagement ring should fit inside. The model itself is very small, it measures 6cm long, 6cm width and 7cm height to top of the chimney. Even at this size it is packed with details. It even shows under floor joists as seen at original house from the Up movie. Not a single detail was omitted from my first model so after the proposal it can serve as cake topper or be displayed as custom movie collectible. The base with white picket fence can be easily constructed using paper and scissors, I can help you with instructions or create it for you if you wish.


Originally I hand made everything with cardboard and paper, all lasercut based on patterns I designed and tested. All individual pieces were assembled together with paper siding on elevation trimmed and glued on walls one by one. It was very time consuming process, but resulted in quite accurate miniature. I should just engrave the lines but I could not resist creating more realistic texture.
Up house ring box 3
The paint brings it all to live. Here again I would not go the easy route and just paint it with flat colours. I go extra mile and treat every surface with darker colour wash and lighter shades for highlights. This adds subtle variations in colours creating impression of aging wood and dirt gathered on real house. I try to keep balance with weathering, dont want it too old and dirty because this models purpose is to hold and add to beauty of expensive engagement ring inside and mark this important day for years to come.

The box was shipped to USA safely and they are already engaged. I wish you Gennady and Maggie all the best, long and happy life together. Your request also started my own adventure, I didn’t know back then that I will be creating custom engagement ring boxes for people around the world trying to turn their passions and ideas into real life objects while improving my own skills and craft. I still enjoy building my collection of finished models and memories attached to each of them, so if you are looking for something similiar or totaly new, something you can’t find in the shops, write me a comment below and we can create it together.
Up house ring box 1

5 responses to “"Up" Custom Ring Box”

  1. Angelina says:

    Lovely, sweet and romantic. Gorgeous.

  2. Gennady says:

    This was a huge hit! I can’t thank you enough! Maggie & I will cherish this forever!

  3. Suzy Q says:

    I love, love, love this!

  4. Kassie says:

    What a wonderful idea! You did a great job on it.

  5. Patty says:

    Most. Romantic. Ring Box. EVAR. If my boyfriend proposed to me using a box like that, I think I’d be beside myself — UP is one of our favorite movies… the characters are so like who we were as children.

    Speaking of which, I have searched endlessly, but there are no Ellie figurines out there. I mean just… none. It’s like she wasn’t even in the movie. 🙁

    What I would love to find is a matched set of Ellie and Carl figurines, either when they were young or when they were newlyweds.

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