Victorian dollhouse from Disney/Pixar movie Up

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This is another, bigger version of Carl’s house from brilliant Disney/Pixar animation “Up”.  I built this model in scale 1:48 ( 1/4 inch ). Most common scale for victorian dollhouse would be 1:12, but 1:48 or 1/4 is getting more popular, it allows for lots of detail and the model takes less room in our smaller houses and apartments. The floor plan is 180mm by 180mm wide and it stands 210mm heigh to top of the chimney.

I had already prepared CAD drawings for my previous project in scale 1:160 I could reuse. Bigger model gave me the opportunity to create more realistic and detailed windows, so I had to enlarge and  modify my drawings in free CAD software to suit new scale. I was also able to sculpt railing to the porch and create interiors. Living room can be accessed by openable side wall. It allows to fully appreciate Carl’s furnished living room with his fireplace and have a view to the staircase with his collection of photographs on the wall. There is an option to look into the hallway through front door and window. In the movie there was some difference in size between interiors and exterior of the house. I couldn’t fit kitchen at the end of corridor, but I indicated it with closed door and created little green room under the stairs which can be viewed through rear window. A great help with that were sketches and pictures found on blog, one of original designers for the movie.victorian dollhouse pixar up 1
Like previously I started fabricating it with laser cut rigid 1.5mm plywood as my main construction with another 0.8mm layer containing some of the window details. I was able to see fast progress at this stage. It all slowed later when I had to hand cut siding for elevations, and stick them one by one. Repeat this process with shingles for the roof. The tricky part with them was warping after I put glue on it. Its because wood grain goes in shorter direction, the stripe with shingles absorbs moisture and bends before glue sets. I had to lay two stripes and clamp it for 15 minutes until glue dryes. When all parts were in place, I spray painted them with base colors using sprays . I didn’t have exact colors in cans so I refined them with selection of acrylic paints from valleyo and games workshop to get the right tint. I used various techniques like drybrushing and washes, I also painted wood grains with very fine brush in some places. It took me more time than I expected, but I was pleased with the effect. After that I sprayed everything with two protective coats of matt varnish and then added transparent windows at the end.
victorian dollhouse pixar up 2
Carl’s house is now ready, and waiting for some more furnitures in the living room. I enjoyed building it and I hope you will like it. Check out this short video below showing finished model from all sides.

Carl Fredricksen figurine 1
Carl Fredricksen figurine WIP
I also sculpted from scratch 3 main characters from the movie, Carl, Ellie and Russell. It was quite a challenge working in such a small scale, Carl Fredricksen was only 33mm tall to match the 1:48 scale of the house.  I sculpted it in two parts epoxy putty, you can buy it in every hardware store. I used the one with 5 minutes working time, it means I had to work fast and on small areas, and I could quickly make corrections with the sharp knife. Glasses are made of 0.25mm styrene. All is painted with acrylic paints from Vallejo and Games Workshop range of colors and later sprayed with matt varnish. It was fun to make, so I decided to make his wife Ellie and Russell too.


If you like this and would like to see more, below are few other scale models I made based on other Disney buildings.


1:160, N scale model of Carl’s house from Disney Pixar movie Up

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  1. ArtJoe says:

    Gods Man! That is unbelievable! I would pay a LOT for that dollhouse furnished. Outstanding work! You should try the Parr’s house from the Incredibles!

  2. […] of Carl Fredricksen from Disney/Pixar animation “Up” made in scale 1:48 to match the dollhouse I made recently. I sculpted it in two parts epoxy putty, you can buy it in every hardware store. I used the one […]

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