Victorian house model from Coraline


Few photos of my current project. Its house from animated movie Coraline. Its in scale 1:160, made of paper and cardboard. Its still work in progress. My next stage is paint roof, fix gutters make base with terrain, porch and finally add all remaining details.



7 responses to “Victorian house model from Coraline”

  1. adam says:

    i want this model with a passion,

  2. SINETEMBA says:

    its very impressive, BIGUPS TO THE DESIGNER

  3. claudia says:

    ohhh…this is amazing!!! will you do also the interiors and furniture?


  4. Rhonda Guy says:

    The 1:160 scale Coraline and Up houses are exquisite! And, the 1:48 scale Up house is equally fabulous! Do you sell any of your models?

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