Wall-E custom engagement ring box

Custom engagement ring box Wall-E 5

This is the first custom engagement ring box I made this year. It was built for a gentleman from Los Angeles who found me by my previous works. It features my favourite character from Disney/Pixar movies – ¬†Wall-E. I always wanted to build him as a small, dog size version remote controlled via wifi with web camera and working hands so I could bring cookies from kitchen without leaving my desk. I even bought some components like Arduino board, 20 little servos and controllers, but after some experiments I realized that I need much more knowledge about electronics to even start. When I got the question about making small Wall-E as an engagement box, I couldn’t say NO.

The big help was this Wall-E builders club and they reverse engineered the character to build the full scale working robot, some of them can be found on Youtube. They have all their plans published for free, just sign in, browse and learn.

Custom engagement ring box Wall-E WIP

They did amazing job, the plans are professionally drawn with all the dimensions and 3d views, what saved me countless hours watching DVD trying to capture the images of the character from all angles. I still had to scale their drawings and prepare my own parts for laser cutting in styrene sheets. It was many of them, especially when making the tracks driving mechanism. To give you an idea, each of this 2 little parts on photo below was made of 59 separate pieces, assembled together and sanded.

Custom engagement ring box Wall-E WIP2

This was the moment when I regretted that I didn’t buy this toy as a base platform. The only thing that kept me going, was the thought, that injection molded parts would probably lack of some details and here, I could make what I needed.

Custom engagement ring box Wall-E 4

The ring is resting on this little pillow, hidden inside. The small copper slider is made at the bottom so it can be pushed to reveal the surprise.

Custom engagement ring box Wall-E 1

The best part was the painting stage. I could finally see it assembled and painting the rust is my favorite now. The basic colors were made with spray paints to get nice and even yellow color or random dots on rusted areas where I used few shades of grays and browns. It was later refined with fine brushes and acrylics. It was great, but I had to be careful not to overdo it, so it doesn’t look too much like a trash. It will at the end hold the very expensive piece of jewelry.

Custom engagement ring box Wall-E 2

I wish you guys all the best and long life together!

Custom engagement ring box Wall-E 3

This little guy was featured on TESTED.COM, along with the short interview with me, check it out if you want to learn more about this and other projects. They have amazing collection of podcasts and news and product reviews, you will love it. I visit their website everyday.


If you are interested in buying engagement ring box similar to the one I created, leave me the comment below and I will come back to you with more details.

If you want something less expensive, here is the new Lego Ideas set which may work. It is very detailed and has openable trash compactor where you can hide the ring.

You can probably fix it to his hand because it is articulated. This is just and idea I have, but you need to check it yourself. You can get it on Amazon when you click the photo.

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