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Dunny Scully from X-files

Do you remember the X-Files? This series glued me to tv-set in the nineties at same time every week. I was teenager then, interested in everything paranormal and reading all about UFO and secret goverment projects. I am more sceptical now but realize that I dont trust authorities and I look for conspiracy almost everywhere :). I think this may be caused by watching this series at early years. It is amazing how it sticks and shapes the person. Parents out there, check what your child is watching now 🙂
For younger readers not familiar with the series, FBI agent Dana Scully with her partner agent Fox Mulder are trying to solve most unusual cases gathered in archives of agency as X-Files. Unlike her partner, she doesn’t believe in aliens or paranormal activities so she always tries to find scientific explanations. They were so different and so great together. Everybody was waiting for their platonic relationship to develop to something more and Gillian Anderson’s poster was on every collegue’s bedroom wall (mine included) 🙂
I must organize some time to refresh the series, I hope it will be still as good as it stayed in my memories.


Dunny Agent Fox Mulder

The second custom dunny inspired by X-Files, unforgettable FBI agent Fox Mulder played by David Duchovny. For many years I had the copy of “I want to believe” poster over my desk 🙂 Great show, I must buy DVDs and watch it again. Here is the picture of couple together. I think about making Cigarette Smoking Man and Skinner later, after I finish few other projects I am working on at the moment. Visit soon for updates.
The X Dunny Files

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