Yoshi Egg Engagement Ring Box

Yoshi Egg 3

Here is another engagement ring box based on the prop from video game Super Mario Bros. produced by Nintendo. This piece went to Honolulu and was ordered by Christopher.

Yoshi Egg 2


And here is matching Yoshi. I didn’t sculpt this guy, you can buy him on Amazon

This is the first engagement ring box made on my home built printrbot derivate  3d printer. The shape was quickly prepared in google sketch-up.  It took 12 hours to print bottom part and another 16 hours for top one. I could print them little bit faster with different settings, but I used solid infill and 0.15mm layer height with my 0.3mm nozzle. The print went fine with almost no mistakes, but still needed to fill  holes and sand it to remove lines separating layers and get perfect surface finish. I sprayed the halfes with white primer about 10 times, sanding it with fine grit paper between each pass. When I was happy with it, I masked the whites and spray painted green dots. All was later varnished to get high gloss finish.
Yoshi Egg 1

I also included 4 pairs of little neodymium magnets, well hidden in the outline of each part. They are not strong enough to keep both halves together when lifted upside down, but help to keep them align.
Here is the photo of my “state of the art” 3d printer in action 🙂 I made it myself as you can probably tell 🙂 I gathered parts from Ebay and used open source plans of Printrbot, modifying them slightly to make it bigger. It was a mistake, I don’t use its full size, because it is too slow to print big objects and the bed is too heavy and shaky at higher speeds. I am planning to build smaller and better looking machine based on  Richrap design at some stage in future.
3d printer

This is the second version of this ring box, this time in red. It is already somewhere there in the world, waiting for right moment…

Yoshi Egg Red

View of the interior. It was again 3d printed and sanded, smoothed and painted.
Yoshi Egg Red engagement ring box

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