Yuri Gagarin vs Alien custom dunny

Gagarin Dunny 1
Here is the tribute to Yuri Gagarin (1934-1968), Soviet pilot and cosmonaut, the first human to journey into outer space. He completed the orbit of the Earth on 12 April 1961 in Vostok spacecraft.

This dunny is a first of series of three customs I made for collector from Russia, Alex. He came to me with the concept of Gagarin vs facehugger from Alien. I liked his idea very much and saw it as opportunity to mix the style of painted only characters I did before with heavy sculpted and realistic alien.  I incorporated dunny’s ears to design but they were too wide on the top, so I cut them off and sculpted new set of legs with claws and pasted them in the same position as original. The head is twisted 180 degree so I had enough surface to paint Gagarin’s portrait and helmet without dunny’s face on the way. For durability all the sculpting was made with Milliput and Games Workshop green stuff where fine details were needed.
Gagarin Dunny 2
Alex showed me few great photos of dunnys from his collection in outdoor scenery so I asked him if he could make me few pictures of the customs I made for him. Here they are, pictures from CCCP Museum of Retro-Technology, brilliant!
Gagarin dunny 3

Gagarin dunny 7

Gagarin dunny 6

Gagarin dunny 4

Gagarin dunny 5

 I am super excited that this little custom was featured on one of my favourite websites TESTED.COM, check it out, they have few amazing podcasts there and I listen them regularly.

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