Zelda Treasure Chest Engagement Ring Box

Zelda treasure chest 3
This is the engagement ring box based on the prop from action-adventure fantasy video game The Legend of Zelda published by Nintendo. I custom made it for Brandon from Newport in United Kingdom.
The Treasure chest is a recurring object in the Legend of Zelda series, there is many different designs. Brandon chose to propose with this one as seen in the game Ocarina of Time. Zelda treasure chest 2

The whole chest is made of styrene. The wooden sections are scraped with sand paper to imitate wood grains, then painted with different shades of browns. The steel is made of styrene painted black and drybrushed with silver paint. I found the perfect rivets in Art and Hobby shop. They are 200pcs metal 3mm rivets called Mini Brads for scrapbooking made by Daftcrafts Papermania. Zelda treasure chest 1 This little engagement prop holds 2 surprises inside. The ring holder is suspended on transparent piece of L shaped acrylic part to create impression of levitating in the air. Under the double bottom, there is hidden circuit board and little speaker. I bought this board from this store on Ebay. He sells different versions of the board. The melody is played after opening the box. Small photo diode is placed behind the ring, so it is light activated. If I will ever use this board again I would choose magnet activation or simple ribbon, just in case if you want to use it in the low light conditions to create romantic mood with candles 😉

I recently made second version of this box for Jake, he proposed on Wednesday 7th May 2014 with success, she said YES ! (and loved the box too). I was happy to repeat this project because Jake came to me with idea to add light to the bottom of the box. I thought it will improve the design and I was curious how it will look. Here is the video of the final effect with the real engagement ring inside.


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